Hello From the Other Side

I might be the worst procrastinator, I promised myself that I would be a more consistent writer. Most times I struggle with the most trivial things trying to find words that are considered appropriate or anecdotal stories that will inspire not open the floor to judgement. I have found that we cannot control the outcomes or the consequences of choosing to tell our truth unfiltered . It takes a lot of courage to stand and say I have failed or what I had believed so much about myself ins’t so true and I am not as great of a person that I had believed to be.

I have come to realize that what I value the most weather it’s the truth based on my values or principles is constantly changing. The only constant thing is change, however I had often defined myself as being the exception to that fact, thus limiting myself to what I think I know about myself without really understanding that what makes me who I am will always change. The challenge is accepting or coming to terms with all the different versions of ourselves (the good, bad and ugly) with the utmost humility. The hardest part is accepting ourselves again after realizing just how human we all are and how fleeting all our promises are when life throws itself at us and we choose to go against what has always defined us. I’ve come to understand that most of our actions are made consciously, with the awareness of the consequences no matter how many times we try to convince ourselves otherwise.

Maybe we are all alike the only difference is some of us try to justify our choices because as we all know it is much easier to justify than to admit one’s own shortcomings. I recently read a quote by one of my favorite writers it says “We are all human; therefore, nothing human can be alien to us.” I’ve been thinking about it since and it sheds so much light on our judgmental nature. We often judge other people’s mistakes without realizing that if they are capable of committing that wrong doing then as a human just like them you have the same capacity to do as they did, only difference is your choices are different. It makes it easier to empathize and not to alienate others only because their mistakes are far worse than our own.

So next time we think of judging others or even pointing figures, just kindly remind yourself that your similarities will always outweigh your differences based on the simply fact that you are just as human as the other person.


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