Without Rival

In the light of International Women’s day, I wanted to share with y’all, the infinite possibilities that lies in women coming together and celebrating everything that makes them unique.

I just finished reading the most radical book titled ” Without Rival ” by Lisa Bevere. Radical in the sense that it challenged my own thinking, in how I identify myself. Most importantly it conveyed the comparison game that we as women often play which robs us of  our joy. It deceives us into believing that  the successes  of other women diminishes our own success in whatever area you choose to look at.


It is safe to generalize and say we all struggle with comparisons whether it is rooted in pride or the sense of inferiority , the outcome of comparison is jealousy or envy rooted in the lack of understanding on your own uniqueness. I think it is important to always evaluate your own mindset or thinking patterns. The practice of self awareness bridges the gap between envy and the celebration of our various uniqueness.

This week marked the end of our church women’s group,  a journey with different types of women from different walks of life who were transparent and open enough to admit that they struggle with comparisons. What stuck with me the most was the idea that despite the different barriers that we often create among ourselves we all struggle with self imposed limitations that will always rob us of our unique voice.

There is a sense of unity that bides women together, and what was apparent was the search for truth through the relationship with God. This reminds me  that even in moments of great despair where you feel disqualified, not enough or unworthy his infinite promises of who you are will always find you in that space.

What I learnt from our fellowship is  that, no matter where you find yoyourself in life, your true identity the essence of who you are not the mask you put on  but your true identity will always be yours. There is nothing that anyone can ever do or say to take that away from you.

So, instead of spending so much time trying to imitate what is around you,  ground yourself in who God believes you to be and you will never find yourself looking to another to compare to judge or to even use them as a yard stick to measure yourself.

I hope we all continue to walk in our uniqueness, never forgetting who we are and always remembering that what we will accomplish has never been done before. It is yours to marvel in,  to walk in WITHOUT A RIVAL.


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