We are All Insecure

We are all insecure. No one really wants to admit this lack of security that we all face. Ultimately, we have to find ways to diminish our insecurities which are mostly driven by our inability to know what lies ahead. It explains our relentless pursuit of everything that is against our purpose in order to  reach a place where we worry less about the day to day life struggles. A place of security where nothing can sabotage your  ability to enjoy life to the fullest. I don’t think this place exists outside of God’s will.

After graduating high school, a friend of mine shared with me about an ‘opportunity’ that could guarantee financial security and I could achieve all my goals . Ya girl jumped on the wagon and shared the good news with anyone who was just as desperate as I was to escape the inevitable reality of working a 9-5 for the rest of your life. I was so caught up in the outcomes of the opportunity that I failed to ask “at what cost would all my dreams be actualized”. In the long run what would I give up in order to pursue the good life based on what society has deemed to be the successful life.

I found out in the following weeks that it was only  a pyramid scheme that was built upon the idea of getting as many people on board by selling a dream that would only live you high and dry (penniless pretty much).Most times we get caught up in the end results that we actually start believing that the end will justify the means. This is is just as flawed as thinking that the loss of integrity, or any other core principle while chasing your dreams is only a by product of being ambitious.

What do we give up when we chase every other thing in this world.>I’m not trying to sound like an idealist who doesn’t see the importance of having financial security. Yes it is important, I just wish that the same emphasis that we placed on securing our future based on finances, career or relationships was the same vigor we used in pursuing our God given purpose which was the only security that exists in this world. Our thinking is flawed, we have limited God’s ability in infiltrating all the areas of our lives by only giving him portions of our lives not believing that if you walk in alignment with God then every other thing simply overflows from it. I am just as guilty of reducing God’s promises to slogans that remain just slogans because I struggle in truly believing them.

If we changed the way in which we think about our careers , goals, relationships and every other thing that we chase, we would realize that the security that is found in all those different aspects is only fleeting and true security could only be found when we persistently pursue what God has placed on our hearts. The promised place of security that everyone talks about does not exist outside of God’s will. What our parents failed to teach us is that there was more to life than being doctors, lawyers or engineers ( since these are the only careers they acknowledge lol). Maybe they were just as mis-informed as we are, they could only perceive security through the career path that one chose.

I find myself questioning my own ideas about security, what I am realizing perhaps as I grow older is that there is no greater security than being at peace with the awareness that you will  never have to compromise  on what God has placed on your heart in order to ‘make it’. What good is a future built upon the wrong notion of security, you compromise just to make it, only to find out that what you were so eager to chase does not exist.

I hope that we stop chasing what does not fulfill our yearning for something MORE, something bigger than what we have been exposed to. Instead to dig a little deeper and find that which gives us the most joy. Joy that is not determined by our ever changing circumstances. Joy built on a solid foundation which reminds you that even when everyone else doesn’t understand you, You are secure because you are pursuing the very thing that God has ordained you to do. What greater joy than to know that you are walking in your PURPOSE






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