Any young person knows how hard it is to live your truth. We are constantly bombarded with everything that robs us from the promise that has been placed on our lives. I used to struggle with wanting approval from God and my friends, to be able to live my truth and yet feel like I could fit into the same circles I had been so accustomed to. Maybe the truth that I had often failed to understand is that GOD sets you apart and the conviction that he places in your spirit will not permit your conformity.

There is a price to living in all truth. There is a loss if you want to look at it in that way. I am learning as I grow older that what has been lost whether it’s friends, relationships or whatever else was only an inevitable part in  the process of growth and maturing. A transition from our childish tendencies in always wanting to be approved by everyone else forgetting that GOD’s approval is the only one that matters. In time we get to a place where we are not so saddened about what was lost in the process. We give thanks because, God who knows it all, could foresee that Our future was far greater than the environments we had grown so comfortable with that we failed to see his pruning as a blessing.

It is a blessing to know that everything that is for you will always be for you. There is no need for competition, for confusion that is the security that lies in Knowing who you belong to. I am so amazed at the young people around me, whom in the face of the same limitations that I had grown to use in justifying my inability to live based on my convictions continued to ground themselves in the truth. They understood better than I did at the time that JESUS is the truth, The whole truth unfiltered.  He knows who you are, who you will be and the promise on your life that exceeds any goals that we could ever come up with on our own.

I am privileged to witness Our unwillingness to accept mediocrity once we have been exposed to the fullness of TRUTH . It is the greatest pillar of our generation. I am in AWE when I get exposed to the amazing things that young people all over the world are doing in the name of our SAVIOR Jesus. Nothing makes me more hopeful for the future than the simply knowledge that we are living among the most scariest times in terms of the culture and yet we remain unmoved and unchanged by it all.

A culture that celebrates every character defect that is against our divine nature. The very things that leave us empty and unfulfilled are the norms in which our society is built upon. The exposure we get to every thing that rips away at our potential is our biggest limitation  but even among all these barriers I am inspired by our undying hope which remains in what is unchanged, it remains in all Truth.

WE are SET apart by our unwillingness to conform by acting ignorant in order to fit in a society that is way below our standard. The need to rebel against popular opinion is remarkable and I want to be part of the movement that is UNASHAMED and UNWILLING to CONFORM to a standard of living that is far beneath our POTENTIAL.

I hope we continue pursuing what has been placed on our hearts. Not to be ashamed about who we used to be but to marvel in God’s grace that has covered our past mistakes and future inadequacies. To continue walking in the promise on your life, letting go gracefully of  everything that stands between you and your ability to live life to the fullest.

Our unwillingness to conform will forever be the greatest pillar of out generation. Let’s not conform to a life that is far beneath our potential.

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