Follow, follow where Are you Going 

Sunday service wrecked ya girl. It was full of the hard to accept kinda truth, the type that makes you feel like the whole service was written about you . You just have to sit there while the Holy Spirit convicts you and shows you your own blind spots. In that moment you become thankful because you realize that there is no correction better than our Father’s discipline.

Have you ever looked around you and asked yourself whether it’s in your friendships, relationships or goals (where am I going) what is the purpose ?. I used to be very fluid, no sense of direction literally anyone’s opinion would move me in whatever direction suited me that day . That’s a very unstable place because you have no understanding of who you are so you just compromise your way through life for what?  Just to fit in?  believe me when I scream on top of my lungs we are all just lost sheep in need  of direction built upon God’s truth.

The ones we are so eager to follow are just as lost as we are most of the time ( if not all the time). How can we  let someone who doesn’t even understand his own reason for living to tell us how to go about life. You just wanna follow follow Where are  you going B?Why are u following people who don’t even understand that without a sense of direction y’all will end up no where it’s just a matter of time.

When we are young it makes sense to be lost in the crowd to want approval so much so that you act ignorant. As I “mature” ( still a working progress) I find that I would rather stand alone because of my convictions. To stand alone and be very okay because I know that the crowd that looks so appealing based on shallow standards is full of people who think they know so much that they can’t even admit to their own ignorance. Only following what looks to be cool because well they are not courageous enough to stand alone. Don’t believe the hype the crowd is just as lost !

Lemme not portray myself as someone who is 100% comfortable with standing alone. That ain’t the truth either there are times when I write a post about the Goodness of my father( if you follow me on any social media platform that’s an everyday kinda thing) and I feel an enormous sense of unworthiness.  I feel like I shouldn’t be doing that or  I’m not really qualified because of my previous ‘turn up’ posts.  I legit feel too shy but truth be told if I’m comfortable to show you my not so Holy moments then I  Shouldn’t be shy to show off my God. Why do we tend to feel so inadequate?

We all have a past no one got it good altogether. If you see someone trying to do Life the right why do you have to be petty and tell them that they are doing the most or being too Holy. If you were comfortable watching our turn up pointless videos from Monday to Sunday then you better start being comfortable watching our Godly posts Monday to Sunday. Whether you are comfortable or not we will continue to post and continue to shine for our Heavenly Father. We stay litty for God and for the truth we are not ashamed!

Do not apologize for evolving as a person you can’t let your past cage  you in a man made box which tries to convince you that you are not qualified. I will be unapologetic, I will show off the best decision of my life with no shame. The best decision of my entire existence which has led me to a place where I could stand alone. I am comfortable because I know that I have direction. My father is guiding me in a place where a crowd would never even think of taking me.

Do not be Afraid to stand alone. Do not believe the hype the crowd is just as lost as you are .Seek first the Kingdom of God is the only advise I would give to you and God will give you the courage and grace to speak your truth without feeling inadequate.

2 thoughts on “Follow, follow where Are you Going ”

  1. Binge reading your blog posts girl! Enjoying every bits and snips of it, please never stop writing, remember there are people definitely relying on your content and looking up to you.

    Your blog is tremendously captivating and intriguing to read, so much passion and will to share the goodness of Christ. Such a radical for Jesus! Keep going beautiful!!


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