To the Greatest Woman I’ve ever Known

For being a true testament of what Unconditional love encompasses. Through her unending sacrifices, she has taught me the value of surrender in order to wait on something Greater. Her hope has never been moved by my own inadequacies. To the Greatest woman I’ve ever known You are the one that has planted the seed of knowledge in me.

For always believing the best in me despite my rebellion and your own adversaries. For cultivating in me the spirit of resilience. For teaching me that true success in life is only measured by our ability to reverence God, Our attitude towards the one who sees it all is ultimately the yardstick we should use to judge our success.


For your perseverance among the most trying times in your life, you were the only face of hope I could ever hold on to in the midst of my own trials. You will forever be the epitome of strength. The reason I believe that God has placed you on this earth to fulfill your purpose, as a leader , a teacher, a friend, and a vessel to be used by him. Through your own example I know that trials will come and go, life will happen and sometimes leave us on our knees but despite all of it God still remains in his might.



For teaching me that, I will never need the approval of the world, if I walk with the awareness that I am only a vessel to be used by God then that’s all that matters. For your endless prayers, for covering me, never giving up believing that in time God would reveal his might to me and ultimately that would change me. I can only pray that I continue being the daughter that you so deserve. Another version of you in the making, hoping that I can emulate all the greatness that I’ve witnessed in you as your daughter.


To the Greatest Woman I’ve ever known You are the true reflection of God’s love, I am humbled and privileged to call you my MOTHER.

To all the Mothers out there who love unconditionally, who sacrifice so much for the sake of their children. YOU are appreciated. May God give you the strength to continue loving serving and sacrificing.


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