You will Overcome

There is nothing compared to the stillness of nature. There is peace that exists in nature whereby you have the freedom  to confront your own insignificance in the larger scheme of things you recognize just how small you are. It is a humbling experience when you are exposed to the magnificence of God , the same God who ordains the rushing winds is still the same God in stillness of the lake and there is nothing you can add to that. All you can do is sit in  his  presence and give thanks because you come to understand  that only he has the power to manifest himself during the chaotic, joyous and still moments of our lives.


I have found that hiking is the best way to visualize the journey we embark on in growing our spirituality rooted in God’s truth. My first hiking trip was in Swaziland and we set out to explore Matenga Falls with the most amazing group of people. Prior to the hike I could have sworn that I was in my best shape physically so a lil hike would not really challenge me.  (that was a lie). One thing to note about hiking is that if you focus too much on the endurance needed to reach the highest peak you will miss all the wonder that you encounter during the process of reaching the top.


The highest peak is the place where you encounter God’s magnificent creation. My most precious moments have been spent in silence while  allowing myself to be still and to exist within nature without wanting or feeling the need to comment on it. It is  a place filled with gratitude because you recognize that without being consistent within your hike you would have never experienced the stillness and the peace which remains unchanged. I am learning to apply all the different lessons we are taught by existing within nature.


To understand that I am only a vessel to be used by God. I cannot take credit for anything  I write it is only through God’s doing that I can convey his teachings without feeling like I am better than the next person. I am learning to internalize more deeply that regardless of the obstacles, trials that we all confront on the journey of becoming and overcoming we should rely on his strength never yielding to our weaknesses which  will challenge us and perhaps convince us that it is easier to quit than to keep going.

This journey is hard and it has its own uncertainties , but just like a hike, you start with no idea of the endurance needed to sustain yourself however  you have to rely on the promise that what you will see is ultimately worth the struggle it took to get to it. In our own lives we don’t have to rely on our strength or endurance but we have the promise that God will perfect the work he has started within us. All we have to do is show up ready to grow up,  knowing that the promise of the Kingdom remains unchanged even with our ever changing circumstances.


Do not give up, stay close and  remember to  stay in the space of gratitude, where you recognize that even with  the victories that you have accomplished , it was never you. It’s not about you BUT our Magnificent God who has the power to reach us at our highest peaks and lowest points. I hope we grow to appreciate all the different seasons with their own set of challenges with the deep knowing that God is always with us, in the moments when we are the most joyful and when we are faced with the trials that bring us to our knees.

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