Everyone needs a Bruktawit

She will believe in your light, your potential when it ceases to exist in your own mind. Everyone needs a Diamond, that sees your light when you no longer believe it yourself.

She has showed me  that a friendship built upon God’s truth will always prevail, because he places people in your life  for a purpose which is to learn and to grow.  She has taught me that you don’t have to shrink yourself to fit into environments that are far beneath you even when your friends constantly push the idea on you. I will forever admire her unwillingness to conform , by making a bold choice and seeing  it through not letting anyone convince her otherwise.

She is a diamond unmatched who has taught me the value of giving your all in what you believe in. For starting a platform that was built upon the idea of breaking barriers within our city. For struggling in getting anyone to believe in it, but somehow never giving up even though (I would have easily let it go).  Her love for people reminds me that regardless of what we may think of our lacks, there is always something to give, your time , your presence and the simple  acknowledgement of the other person.


I have always believed that she should have been born in the late 60’s , I’m convinced that she would have joined the black panther’s party. Irrespective of what I may think God knew that she would be a valuable asset in our generation for times like this. Where we need leaders with big hearts, kindness and love to serve without losing heart. She has always convinced me in the power of one, I have often been the more pessimistic one whom in the face of structural inequalities I tend to lose hope.For getting me to match for injustices in a lot of parts of the world in the coldest weather screaming our lungs out because she persuaded me into believing that without any form of awareness no matter how small it was, change would never occur.


Her love for teaching is only a gift from God who has created her to have the strengths and the wisdom to always see beyond the surface. I am so thrilled to watch her walk in her purpose fearlessly and allowing God who has ordained her steps to open the doors that are leading her to other parts of the world.  Everyone deserves a diamond in their lives . A light to the world which has the capacity to illuminate even within the people that society has written off, because they are a little too difficult to deal with.



I am convinced that God puts people in our lives who challenge our way of thinking without judging but simply living in their own truth. With their example you come to understand that perhaps there is more to life than what you had always been accustomed to. A friend who didn’t judge but through her own example in the choices that she has made reminded me that it is okay to stand alone to be considered cool in God’s eyes is by far the most rewarding acknowledgement.



As she sets off on her journey to where God is leading her, I know that the people she encounters will forever be changed by her love, her commitment and kindness. Her ability to always look beyond the surface when presented with the most difficult people is impeccable. God has placed this gift in you because he knows that you will be the best leader as you continuously submit to his guidance with an open heart.

You are uniquely made with so many gifts that the world is waiting for you to uncover, to embrace and to share the very best of you with us. Thailand is lucky to have you, even for just for a moment.

My Diamond.



2 thoughts on “Everyone needs a Bruktawit”

  1. Wow, this is beautiful. What beautiful friendship. I’ve always admired your friendship. Love love love it. Pray your bond gets stronger and stronger. You’re blessed.

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