It is Finished

John 15:13  “Greater love has no one than to lay down one’s life for his friends”

There is no greater love than sacrificial love which affirms the idea that love without sacrifice is only an empty concept lacking any depth. I am reminded on Good Friday about great love, liberating love, and sacrificial love that has ultimately led me to this point in my life where in the face of my greatest limitations I remember that I’ve been redeemed that everything that would work against my ability to live life to the fullest has been placed on the cross. It is Finished.

No greater love exists in this world than one that was willing to lay down his life , by denying himself in the face of injustices, humiliation and betrayal so we could have a life of abundance.  A life of freedom. Sacrificial love that bridged the gap between our sinful nature and God’s glory. I am reminded that even in moments where we might feel so far away from God due to to the different choices we make  the cross the greatest symbol of love reminds us that it is finished.

There is no need for shame or for guilt, we understand and internalize more deeply that all our shortcomings, all our inadequacies have been put on the cross. We are liberated with great love. No love is greater than sacrificial love. No one can ever come between you and you ability to access this great love. It is overwhelming, it is humbling to know that our hope is undying it is risen for us to walk in it, to be all we could be with the promise that the story doesn’t end on Good Friday but it is completed on Sunday when our hope rises .

It is love that brings you to your knees, consuming you and reminding you, that as broken as you are, as unqualified as you might feel, despite what people have said about you or better yet the lies you have told yourself, You are worth the sacrifice. You deserve the greatest LOVE.

You are still worthy of love

We all yearn for love and  perhaps we look for it in the wrong places.  I relinquish my search for love in all the wrong places. I rather  remain in the space where I recognize that as heartbreaking and unfair his death was, it was the greatest display of love for people like me who have  chosen time and time again to turn our backs against our father.

I am unworthy, to seat in his presence , to marvel at his sacrifice, in light of my truth the entire truth what I admit and what I fail to admit I am loved, I am known and I am worthy of Love from the greatest lover. What is more liberating than the acknowledgement that in spite of yourself you are still loved.

I hope you continue walking in his love with the deepest knowing that all that has worked against your ability of having a relationship with your father has been placed on the cross. It is finished. Walk in the promise that as hopeless as life can get at times and how often we tend to feel powerless in the face of our own struggles our Hope will Rise and we will be okay. Better yet we will  overcome with him on our side.

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