The Silver Lining

Everyone says it is better to be hopeful to think that despite your circumstances you still have choices. Everyone says it is better to have hope than despair. To believe in the best always because without the element of hope in one’s life, there isn’t much of a silver lining in anything. As much as we talk about hope, no one teaches us how to maneuver through life when our hope isn’t reciprocated by the change of circumstances. No one tells you how to deal with the disappointments once you’ve let go completely and believed that something better or good will come out of the most hopeless situations.

As Christians, we are the lucky ones whom in the face of despair we are reminded that God is still with us. Our hope doesn’t lie in what is seen but in what we can’t see, touch and feel. With the element of faith we have the ability to look forward to something greater, something that has been promised to us. Even in moments where I know that God is bigger than any circumstance, can I be honest and say that I struggle greatly in believing any of it. The hardest aspect of growth is to be still and unmoved by anything happening around you  because you are aware that you are only passing through each season and it is not the most defining moment of your life.

As much as I would like to convey a positive person who is unmoved, who has unshakable faith and hope, life happens and the very foundation of hope that I’ve built trembles and I can’t help but feel helpless and powerless in that moment. What is hard to accept in that moment although it is the only Truth is that hope in God is what is unchanged no matter what one goes through.

We tend to dwell in much of what is happening in the moment to be present in the now mostly in bad times because that’s the only truth we can hold on to. Yet we are reminded that we should accept each season in our lives; the hardest ones and the most joyful ones with the belief that you are only passing through them. None are the most defining moments of your life. The challenge lies in being content, in giving thanks despite how you might feel because you know that God is with you, walking with you, guiding you and ever so present even in the moments where your hope ceases to exist. When your hope dies and you have nothing to hold on to; you have him by your side walking with you guiding you and that is the best hope;  one that is unchanged, unmoved by our ever changing circumstances.

A friend of mine sent me a message this morning, I was having one of those very hopeless days where I was dwelling in my feelings. I know now that God sends people our way who encourage and remind us that God is with us and no matter what life throws at us He is with us all the way. I’m learning not to dwell so much in the despair of the Now  that I forget that the one who has given me the gift of time with it’s challenges has already given me the way out; through knowledge that is reassuring; knowledge that leads me to believe that that he is with me regardless of how I feel.

I hope that in moments where we are faced with our own limitations, the gaps in what we had hoped for and what is real we cling to the hope that is God. We cling to his promises never letting the different seasons we go through be the most defining moments of our lives. To be present in the most difficult times of our lives but understanding that there is a silver lining, not in the world, not in what we’ve been promised, not in what we think the future should look like based on our limited understanding but the hope that is in God.  Hope that is built on truth which is never subject to how and what you feel.


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