It’s not that Deep

A friend of mine shared with me that the ‘why’ factor which we fail to answer in our lives when we succumb to temptation is the reason we stay in a state of failure when trying to overcome our habits. We fail in letting go of our habits because we let our environments  dictate the capacity of God’s power  in transforming our mindsets. By limiting our mindsets to what we know to be true not based on God’s truth, we limit the love of God which has the power to transform us.

The minute we open the door to temptation, it starts to feel like the struggle to close that door will be twice as hard so what’s the point ?! once you have willingly opened the door to temptation by choosing your habit over God, you start believing that the consequence of your actions are not detrimental because we can’t see them right away.Then we start becoming the exact person we are trying to grow from only because we grow unmoved by the justice of God.

We tend to justify our actions and habits based on the environments we find ourselves in. As long as we point the finger towards something that is external as opposed to really getting to the root of why we choose certain habits we can’t even begin to deal; with the consequences of each.  In my own life I have often justified my habits with a simple phrase “Chill , It’s not that Deep”. If you have said something similar to that you are a liar as I have been countless times.

The reason I had used that phrase is because I had reduced the Holiness of God into something so minimal and insignificant. A God who could perhaps change his truth in order to fit my lifestyle to understand that I am young and there is a whole generation that seems to be having fun engaging in the very habits he wants me to grow out of. So it’s not that deep, he should understand that I’m young and life isn’t that serious. Chill!

The reverence of God and the fear of God has simply disintegrated in the way we view God. I have found myself stuck in a perception of God that reduces him to something he is not. Having nothing and no one to be accountable to makes you feel like you are the only person you need to answer to. It makes perfect sense to resort to our defensive nature when other people expose our flaky characters. That explains why we often use the phrase  It is not that DEEP when faced with our lack of will in cutting out some of our habits. Maybe you have found yourself stuck within a mindset that convinces you that your actions bear little to no consequence and God’s grace will surely cover your shortcomings, I pray you let go of that mindset.

There has been a season in my life where I have felt disconnected completely out of tune with what is right and what is wrong. Once we blur the line between the two we find ourselves in a cycle whereby we justify our habits with the phrase “Chill, it’s not that deep” . It is deep and no you shouldn’t just Chill. I don’t know about you but nothing gets me on my knees than the mere fact that I am wrecked and flawed and I can’t be anything more than my flawed nature if I fail to submit to his will.

We can’t begin to let go of our habits  unless we learn to internalise that our disobedience is very deep  and you cannot just chill. A relationship with Jesus puts you on a platform a foundation that will not fail you but rather uphold you even in your weaknesses. A book that I’ve been blessed with is by Marvin Moore who makes a distinction between willful sin and the sin that we are pre-disposed to based on our nature.

He argues that a relationship with Jesus is the only foundation that can sustain all the different seasons we grow through.

God built the oil platform to be secure place where you and I can develop character, mistakes and all without fear of falling off, Jesus does not push us off the platform every time we make a mistake while learning not to make mistakes. When we sin in the process of learning not to sin. He keeps us from falling off, And that applies to gossip and sexual sin and every kind in between- Marvin Moore`

I hope we grow to love God and to be deeply rooted in his love that nothing can obscure our vision on the things that are set above. I pray we learn to stop blaming everything and everyone else by cultivating courage and patience with ourselves;  to confront even the habits that we are ashamed of. It is not about you, but it is bigger than you and your obedience is vital you cannot afford to say “it’s not that deep” when you fail to let go of habits that make you a less effective christian.

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