Guilt Of Sin 

I fall. I fell. I will fall. That’s the pinacle of the Christian walk the realization that no matter how far in your walk you are the fall into sin is inevitable, it is bound to happen.

What’ matters most is not the fact that our flesh always yield to what is so contrary to the righteousness of God but rather realizing that even in our greatest weakness and temptations the spirit of the living God lives within us. We have access to that power, it can lead, convict and redeem us time and time again.

In 1 John 1:9 Our Father promises that ” if we confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness”. The declaration that I am sinner is the beginning and end in understanding our nature.

When faced with the guilt of sin we have the cross to run to, we have accesss to our redeemer. Our greatest power is free will, when faced with guilt you can choose to feel defeated and ultimately a failure. However you can also choose to look to your Lord and saviour Jesus Christ to take all your burdens, and guilt and find rest in him. The way in which you define yourself after the fall is vital to your walk.

The challenge lies in keeping your eyes on the cross, which reminds you time and time again that it is finished. To walk in the light of what Jesus Christ did on the cross no matter how unworthy, unqualified you might feel is a real struggle.

It’s easy to sink into our selves to choose self pity or self loathing or even doubting that you were ever saved. It’s the most heartbreaking when your actions don’t align with what you know. When it feels like in the midst of your greatest weakness you’ve taken 10 steps back.
Even in our humanity we can never surprise God, perhaps that’s the hardest thing to accept. We can’t alter his character his goodness or even expect him to condemn us in the same ways we’ve done to ourselves. In Jeremiah 1:5 he declares that before he formed us he knew us!

I’m still yet to find a much more profound statement than that. He knew our transgressions way before we committed them, he knew we would fall short of his love and yet he still declares that he has set us apart. He who knew it all, who could foresee it all made a way for us way before we knew we were lost.
What is more powerful than to be known the fullness of who you are and yet still be loved. I struggle with understanding that, to truly believe that God still loves me no matter how many times I knowingly choose to step out of his righteous way.

Our sovereign God invites us to abide in his bottomless mercies and grace. To know that even in my greatest weakness his strength is made perfect. I can look to the cross, each time I fall, renewing my mind in repentance with the promise that if I confess my sins he will cleanse me of all unrighteousness. I don’t know about you but I need this reminder almost at each waking day to know that even when plagued with my wretched ways he remains faithful. He remains the sovereign God who is not surprised by my inadequacies but rather reminds me that his mercies and grace are new each morning.

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