The Struggle for Sexual Purity

As much as I believe with every fiber in me in sexual purity, I’m still very immature when it comes to living a holy and sacrificial life. When Paul writes in Corinthians 6:19-20, he places the greatest emphasis for sexual purity on the fact that our body is the temple of the holy spirit. I rarely ever think of my body as a temple, this explains why in most cases I treat my body as if it’s my own forgetting that through the blood of Jesus I was bought with a price and the least I can do is to simply honor that.

Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.

Like Paul in his anguish over his sinful nature I do what I hate and I what I love to I fail to do so. The anguish and agony of feeling like I will always fall short is put to shame every time I keep my eyes on Jesus. When I remind myself that repentance is simply the renewal of the mind, I cling to Jesus Christ the author and perfecter of my faith. Sometimes I fail to understand that it is a process that is completed through faith and by the convictions of the Holy Spirit. Most times I tend to rely on what I think I can do through my own will and each time I fail.

Greatest call on our lives

Nothing is more heartbreaking than believing something to be the absolute truth and yet failing tremendously in truly living by it. Sexual purity is the defining feature of our single hood until you are married you are really single.The greatest call on our lives is to live a holy and sacrificial life that seeks to kill our flesh which  makes it impossible to embody the character of Jesus Christ. 1 Thessalonians 4:7 informs us that” God didn’t call us to be sexually immoral but to be holy”. Sexual temptation is real,  as young people we’ve completely disregarded our greatest calling by refusing to debunk the deceit in our perceptions of sexual sin and how it impacts our christian walk.

Root of Sexual sin

“This is the vicious cycle of lust. Lust never has what it wants because it never has enough. Lust steals joy by creating an endless state of discontentment in the constant search for that one next thing you don’t have yet. Lust is never happy because lust is never full.” Zondervan p.130

Lust, lust lust, is driven by selfishness the need to fulfill one’s desires with no regards to the consequences. Selfishness is the root of sexual sin, the moment we think that fulfilling our lustful desires is justified only because we choose to entertain each thought that is not edifying we’ve already fallen moments before we’ve participated physically in the act itself. As young people we tend to entertain lust, to play it small, making it insignificant forgetting that the minute we entertain a thought that is so contrary to God’s mandate for living  holy life, we’ve fallen.  In his assertion of lust Job 31:11-12 writes;

For lust is a shameful sin,
    a crime that should be punished it is a fire that burns all the way to hell.
    It would wipe out everything I own.

It is very easy to yield to sexual temptation. There are times when I tell myself that I’m much more wiser, or discerning but to my surprise I’m really not. I’m in need of his word,  each and everyday and if I miss out on a day or I’m distracted then it’s easy to fall to yield to my flesh when I fail in internalizing that the spirit of the living God lives within me. In most cases my desire to be entertained triumphs my need of spending time in the word of God

Entertain ME

Each medium that we have access to is highly sexualized no matter how hard you try to steer away from it, it creeps up on you unexpectedly and ultimately plants seeds of discontentment in your heart. You start believing that you are missing out on something great, something fulfilling. I think that’s where we go wrong the minute we entertain any form of compromises.When we refuse to see the deceit in our thinking we create different narrative that makes our story the only exception to the rule sex outside of marriage will lead you down a path of destruction.

You know how we do, we create scenarios distort the truth to fit our immoral lives. The very shows we watch subconsciously teach us that it isn’t so bad, that whatever you feel, or whatever thought you entertain you have the absolute right to act on it. Acting on lustful desires is inevitable you have absolutely no choice than to yield to temptations.  I will  be the first to admit that, I do the same. I struggle and when I fall it’s the guilt that is far more devastating the feeling of not being worthy or even questioning if God sees you in the same way you’ve judged yourself.

Overcoming Sexual Temptation

I can do nothing in my power, that is the greatest declaration we can make as Christians, the humility to admit that I need Jesus Christ at each waking day more than he needs me. The greatest weapon we have against sexual temptation is a relationship with our savior. The ability to bring all our shame and  guilt at his feet with Godly sorrow that precedes repentance. Our transparency through vulnerability will ultimately expose any form of darkness, impurity and deceit in our lives. The awareness that through the power of the Holy Spirit you have victory over sin, even in your greatest weakness and  greatest temptation his strength is made perfect is such profound truth that i’m reminded of each time I’m faced with any temptation..

Yes it’s hard, the hardest aspect is trying again after yielding to sexual temptation, truly believing that the  grace of God is sufficient and we are redeemed time and time again. The devil is a liar and he will easily convince you that you’ve failed so ain’t no point in trying again might as well keep on going a path that leads to spiritual death, do not believe the lie. In 1 John 1:9 Jesus promises that “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.“. Hold on to that simple truth when the enemy tries to convince you that there isn’t any hope for you.

Our lord and savior remains our redeemer our greatest judge whom in love, mercy, grace  and all sovereignty promises us that even in our greatest weakness his strength is made perfect. My prayer is that when we fall, we are quick to repent, to be consumed by Godly sorrow at our unrighteousness but not to be defeated by our nature but to be empowered by the blood of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. As  wretched and sinful  as we are nothing can ever surprise him nothing can ever separate us from his love. The true mark of a repentant heart is one that is willing to turn away from sin by the renewal of the mind and the convictions of the Holy spirit. In the absence of pride through  humility to submit whole heatedly to his will for our lives. To seek holiness and purity even when our very nature is adamant in clinging to everything that God hates.

4 thoughts on “The Struggle for Sexual Purity”

  1. Hi thank you for this! I have been talking about sex and sexual purity a lot this year with my friends. It’s really a topic that Christians should not shy away from because we are all affected by it!

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  2. Thank you so much for writing this and being honest. I have thoughts on sexual temptation as well if you want to visit my blog. The one thing I want to share with you is that it sounds as if you have a very negative view of sexuality and the body, at least when it comes to singleness. I want to encourage you to think more positively. The devil has often tempted me to think ill of myself and it just leads to more sin.


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