Remember Your First Love

No one ever forgets the moment they met someone who completely changed their outlook on life. We’ve all experienced to an extent the thrill of being in love, of knowing someone intimately and being loved in spite of yourself. I don’t think we can ever talk about love without acknowledging the greatest love of all. The greatest love ever known to man.

John 15:23

Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.

Greatest love ever known to man

The moment you hear the gospel for the first time it ignites a sense of urgency a need to proclaim the goodness of the one who loved you even before you knew him. The gospel is simply the greatest love story, a story about sacrificial love that knew no conditions. If I think back to the moment I got saved, it is the mystery of love that led me to the point of faith. The moment I recognized that God’s love was infinite and perfect and whole and it could never be changed by my own inconsistencies.

It is within the moments of weakness that you recognize how much you need a Savior, perfect love that casts away any impurities. We tend to forget the reason we believe what we believe, we tend to manuever through life’s ups and downs forgetting the greatest gift we’ve been given love that casts away all fear and all inadequacies. love that reminds us that nothing can ever seperate us from our first love.


First love

When I speak about your first love, I’m simply talking about the love of God. He first loved you even before you knew how to love him. It is only through the realization of the mystery of sacrificial love that one can truly learn the gift of the gospel. There are times when I forget just how much God loves me, moments I forget the mystery that drew me towards a loving God who willingly chose to put his life on the line even when I didn’t deserve it. He chose to love you even when he knew you would always fall short, not only did he love but through his sacrifice he ultimately saved you from an eternal hopeless state of being.

I find myself growing too accustomed to the gospel up until the point it loses all it’s mystery only because I forget that I am a sinner. A sinner in need of his salvation and his saving grace. A sinner who is simply too powerless to save herself. A sinner who is lost and in need of divine direction in order to live a life of freedom rooted in Jesus Christ.

We all go through dry seasons in our lives; where we simply go through the motions, of praying, worshiping and giving and it becomes a norm whereby we simply do what we need to do never acknowledging the reasons we do it. As we approach the season in which we celebrate the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ, I urge to reflect on what the gospel means to you. To find your story embedded in the grand story of a perfect God that came to reconcile us back to him through his sacrificial love.

So I urge you not to forget the mystery of the good news. I urge you to remember your first love in the midst of your busy life. Remember your first love when you are too consumed by your self righteousness. Remember your first love when you are constantly confronted with your inconsistencies. Remember your first love when the enemy tries to convince you that you are far too gone. Remember your first love when you feel too far away from God. Remember your first love, the one who will leave the 99 just to find the one. I am a living testimony that he will meet you exactly where you are, if only you could just let him in.

Remember your first love when you are confronted with your failing nature. Remember your first love when you question your salvation.Remember your first love when confronted with the hopelessness of this world, Remember that no greater love exists than sacrificial love. Remember your first love when the shackles of sin seek to entangle you in deceit. Remember your first love when you fall. Remember your first love in moments of great joy and seasons of despair.


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