Contradicting a Culture of Selfishness

How to understand the impacts of a self indulgent culture and the deceptive agenda it embodies by luring us into the love and idolization of self. Transcript of an interview conducted by The Gospel Coalition with Pastor and Author Paul Tripp.

What modern cultural messages must we work hardest to contradict?

The Central falsehood of human culture in our day is that life is all about you. You are in the center of your world. And the goal of life is your personal pleasure. I think the most seductive, attractive, deceitful addictive idol is the idol of self. And is it not interesting that this is what the scripture talks about. It says Jesus came so those who live would no longer live for themselves.

Sin causes me to reduce my field of concern down to my wants, my needs, my feelings to want to write my own rules.

To enthrone myself and my pleasure above all other things, now that has always been a struggle. It is even a greater struggle when that is institutionalized by the surrounding culture. Where we are told that anything in life is destroyed if you add rules to it, or you add boundaries to it, or you add moral requirements to it.

Pleasure without Boundaries 

There must be nothing that gets in the way of your particular definition of happiness and your particular definition of pleasure. Pleasure without boundaries becomes dangerous and destructive thing, because I was made to live inside of the wise boundaries of the creator. Freedom is found in surrender to his will, not in putting myself in the center and elevating my pleasure beyond anything else.












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