The Way, the Truth, the Life

The gospel is the epitome of freedom and liberation, the single drop of the gospel in one’s spirit begins the work of piercing through the layers of spiritual blindness. It exposes our sin nature and also leads us to the one who works best when we recognize that nothing good exists in us, we are nothing, can do nothing without the lamb that was slain for us. Christianity begins at a place of humility; it thrives when the creation recognizes the desperate need for a savior, a redeemer and above all a father who recklessly chases after us. In his pursuit he diligently leads our hearts into deeper realms of revelations where we are full of knowledge and insight on the mysteries of the Gospel and the cross of Christ Jesus.

 Nothing Good Exists in Us.

If you have tried living righteously on your own accord, you will come to realize two universal truths; nothing good exists in us. Even in our pursuit of righteousness our motives and intentions are the furthest from pure Romans 7:14. It is by his grace that we understand that no amount of righteousness by our own strength and might can ever equate to the standard that God has placed on us because we have all sinned and fallen short of his glory Romans 3:23. In his love he meets us where we are in a place of desperation for a power that is far beyond anything that we can ever fathom or even comprehend.

 Reckless love of our father

In his love for us despite our rebellion he promises everlasting life if we can only believe that he has in fact taken our place on the cross. The most HOLY one has taken our sin and in humility and perfect submission has redeemed us back to the father in dying for our sins John 3:16.Sometimes I forget the burden of my sin, most times I fail tremendously in understanding that God hated sin so much that he had to come down on earth and suffer on my behalf to reconcile me back to him.

Most times the gospel remains a declaration that I only marvel about in a 5-minute worship song, remaining unchanged and unmoved by the privilege of being adopted as a daughter of the Most High God through Christ Jesus. I think it happens to all of us, we begin working in our flesh, being self righteous in our own deeds forgetting the gospel that brought us on our knees in a desperate cry for liberation from a life of deception and eternal hell. I pray that God forgives us for living lives that fall short of his glory when we have him living in us.

 Gospel as an understanding of the cost of sin

Jesus Christ declares that he is the way, the truth and the life, that who so ever believes in him has access to a life that defies all human logic. Our Christian lives should be defined by faith, love and hope in the one who has never given up on us despite our rebellion. The Gospel is more than a mere declaration of what the savior has done but it is an understanding of the burden and cost of our sins. The true revelation of the gospel in our lives is the ability to humble ourselves and declare that we are absolutely nothing without Jesus Christ.

I pray that God helps us understand that without his way, his truth and his life we are mere sheep aimlessly wandering into nothingness characterized by eternal separation from the love of the father.




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