True Identity is found in

The majority of our mistakes can be traced back to our distorted view on the role God plays in shaping and  molding our identity. Part of the enemy grand deception is achieved by putting spiritual blinds on our minds and hearts so we fail to see the character of God as one who is loving enough to give us a new identity which triumphs over our past mistakes. Once we have a malformed perception of God we fall prey to the lie that we can successfully shape and mold our identities based on our different pursuits independent of the sovereign will of God. At the end of our search we will always find that our souls yearn for an identity that is founded upon the one who satisfies our greatest yearnings with his living waters. In him we become new men and women who take on his identity, therefore desiring the very will of the father. In him we begin to love the presence of the Almighty God who has formed our inwards parts, known us , and predestined us in Christ Jesus. In him we have the greatest assurance that despite what we may think of ourselves we are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Love of the Father

Everything begins and ends in the love of the father. No one can ever separate us from the love of the father, no mistake, no trial , no disappointment, nothing in all creation can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord  Romans 8:39. The moment we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and savior we are in fact saying that the one who is righteous and blameless in the sight of God has taken over our iniquities and he bears the burden of our sin. In him we know that we will not perish but have everlasting life John 3:16. Therefore in Christ we are blessed eternally through his love, grace and mercy. In him we are justified by faith, and we bear all the glory of Jesus , the one with no sin, and beloved in the sight of the father Romans 8:30. What a marvelous gift ;

He has displayed in us his glory in action of his love, sealed us with his spirit thus marking us as his own possession. Kathryn Kulman

Our identity is first and foremost founded in the love of the father, whom through his adoption sees us as his own possession thus we are his children and he is our father. There is no better security than being known and loved by the most high King. The privilege of being called his very own is a gift Ephesians 2:8 that we have done nothing to deserve but it flows out of the abundance of his love, mercy and grace.

New birth in Christ Jesus 

In the fathers abundance of all that is good we are found blameless and righteous through Christ Jesus. It is through this new birth that we can identify ourselves as victorious.

Our identity is established through Jesus Christ and without his intervention we are merely shaping our own identities with the reality of never truly being content and satisfied looming over us.

The adoption as Gods children through Jesus Christ sets us up as undefeated in the face of all adversaries.  I think most of us fail to truly internalize the gift of salvation, justification and adoption by our Lord Jesus Christ. If we really understood and were filled with knowledge and insight on what Christ has accomplished on the cross we would never seek to find our identity in anything but Jesus Christ.

Children of the living God 

If we truly could identify with the cross, we would walk as if we believed that we were in fact the children of the creator of the whole universe. We would walk with the greatest boldness that no weapon formed against us shall ever prosper because we have the one who has defeated all forces of darkness living within us as we surrender to his Lordship. As children of God, we belong to the one who has crushed the serpents head Genesis 3:15, therefore there is nothing to fear because we are more than conquerors through him who has love us Romans 8:37.

In whatever crisis we find ourselves in we are not defeated but victorious in Christ Jesus. We are no longer slaves to deceptive patterns of thinking but in him we have received the spirit of adoption which triumphs over the spirit of fear Romans 8:31. This is truth that liberates us through the seasons where we question our identities. The messy in between stages where we know the promise over our lives and yet our present circumstances are in complete opposition with the victories declared in the word of God. If it is any consolation no one succeeds in walking as joint heirs with Christ except by living through the spirit of Christ who lives in us.



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