Emptied Vessels

“The Holy Spirit asks for  a yielded vessel, and it is his power that works through the empty yielded vessel” Kathryn Kuhlman

I am learning that as christians we have the access to the greatest power in the world, in  whom Christ was born, Christ lived and ultimately resurrected. I’ve spent the majority of my christian life never coming into the full realization of what it means to be Christ like in my perceptions and overall outlook of the world I inhabit. The whole ministry of Jesus Christ began before the foundations of the world. It began in his perfect submission to the Holy spirit to fulfill the will of the father which was rooted in both restoration and establishment of the dominion Genesis 1:26 man lost when he succumbed to the temptation in the garden. The whole point of being  a christian is living as christ lived, an emptied vessel that yielded to the Holy spirit to be filled with authority and power to fulfill the will of the father on earth as it is in heaven .

Purpose of our existence 

The reason for living is rooted in nothing but the finished work of the cross, there is no life without Jesus Christ John 15:5. Without his intercession we are nothing but lifeless vessels with absolutely no form of perception on the spiritual realm that governs the material world in which we live in . One of the challenges I have faced countless times is understanding that everything begins and ends in the spiritual realm.

Due to our limitations governed in a material world it is hard to conceive our purpose of existence beyond the fulfillment of our immediate desires that are tied to a physical world.

In Christ he begins to open our eyes to a kingdom and dominion that we had lost through our sinful nature John 3:3.  In him and through him by his spirit he grants us access to the power that governed his whole ministry from the beginning to the end, the resurrecting power that is far beyond any human conception John 14:16. So that by his spirit we can never boast in our flesh because  we truly understand the nature of our depravity if not for the intercession of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Heirs of Christ Jesus 

Our existence as born again christians begins when we let God redefine our identity as the heirs of Christ Romans 8:17, the one whom through the holy Spirit emptied himself  by taking the form of a servant and becoming obedient to the point of death Philippians 2:7. The reason we struggle in allowing God to truly redefine us as the heirs of Christ Jesus is because the thought of living a surrendered life unto God means that we have to surrender every limitation and barrier unto him. Submission is only scary when we do not understand the person to him we are surrendering to. Once we understand the person of the Holy Spirit it becomes easier to yield to our helper.

The only way to be Christ like is by surrendering and yielding our mind, body and soul to the Holy Spirit. Through him the light that pierces through our hardened hearts is revealed unto us. In that revelation we have the boldness to stand firm and speak about the reality of Jesus Christ which ceases to be more than head knowledge but an intimate experience that is completed through the indwelling power of the holy Spirit.

Encounter with the Risen King

I am convinced that there is no way we can encounter the risen King and remain unchanged. Perhaps the reason we live such complacent lives is because we actually haven’t encountered the Christ. If we are truly honest with ourselves we would admit that we do not really understand the capacity that Christ has embedded in us through his sacrificial love. The only reason we live defeated lives is because we have yet to understand the significance of the Holy spirit. The reason we hold on to our mediocre lives is because our eyes aren’t opened to the fullness of all God can do. Yielded and empty vessels  will say Yes to his divine plan regardless of the limitations within our physical world. It is only through the holy Spirit that the Risen King is revealed to our human hearts. It is only through the Holy spirit that we begin to see that as the heirs of Christ Jesus we will do greater works than Christ himself John 14:12.

Our christian lives begins the very moment we receive the power that equipped Jesus to walk a blameless and sinless life that was glorifying unto the father. It is only through the Holy spirit that we begin to see ourselves not as who we think we are based on the different garments of identity we choose to wear but as the sons and daughters of the most High King. In that assurance we come to believe that, he who is able to keep us from falling and stumbling,will indeed equip us to reflect his character, his love, his surrender, and his submission unto death.  It is only through the Holy spirit that we can truly establish the Kingdom of God that is far greater than any world order that the human mind  can ever conceive. The Holy Spirit is the greatest power in the world and as children of God we have access to this power. We are only defeated because we fail to understand the one who occupies the emptied vessel once we surrender our very being to his Lordship.

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