Lord, search my heart

Lord search my heart beyond the outer expressions of my actions and in your patience and mercy reveal to me what I do so well in concealing from others and myself. A greater part of being  a christian is the ability to be open and transparent to the one who sees it all. To plead diligently with the father to search our hearts and expose us to our own self deception and in his mercy and grace to transform and sanctify  our hearts. There are times when I am convinced that I am the most pleasant person and then to my dismay he reveals to me that my heart is so far away from him regardless of what my outer expressions entail. Asking the father to search our hearts is only a challenge when we let the praise of man change our position of humility in seeking his perfect will through our intentions and motivations.

Root of our actions 

In Proverbs 4:23 King Solomon urges those who wish to walk in righteousness to guard their hearts with all diligence because out of it flows the issues of life. The root of all our expressions begins in the heart which in ancient times represented the centre of spiritual activity and all of the operations of human life. It was imperative for ancient prophets to advocate extensively the importance of acknowledging the sovereignty of the father in seeing past the actions and judging the intentions and motivations of the heart.   Psalms 139:23-24 Jeremiah 17:10, 1 Chronicles 28:9 1 Samuel 16: 7. Regardless of wether an action was judged good or bad by man, God could see  past it by searching the heart of man. Since God is  sovereign over all we come to the understanding that nothing in all creation is hidden from his  sight; everything is uncovered and exposed before his eyes Hebrews 4:13.

Approval of man

The need to be accepted and approved by our peers is only magnified when we downplay the sovereignty of God. There are instances when we choose to be self righteous, prideful or deceitful in an attempt to woe the ones around us and most times we forget that it doesn’t matter at all. It is important to actively engage our minds in discerning wether an action, a thought or desire is driven by the need to be approved by man or the innate desire to do the perfect will of God even through our intentions. Regardless of the extent we may go to gain approval from our peers it is of no significance, God examines our hearts and in that he sees what drives our different impulses 1 Thessalonians 2:4  . The hardest impulses to judge are the ones we believe are good and since the outward action is understood as fairly good and just it is hard to examine the intent driving the action. But we serve the Almighty God who has the capacity to search all things and in his mercy and goodness he takes it a step further and promises that if we come to him with a broken and contrite heart he will not despise us Psalms 51 :17.

A pure and Clean heart 

Our father is faithful and just in all his ordinances. He creates a clean and pure heart in us by putting a new and right spirit in us Psalms 51:10. Thé Holy Spirit which dwells in us shows us who we are through the word of God. The only way we can ever confront our self deception is through the Holy Spirit who diligently removes different layers we’ve placed around our hearts through the word of God. The only way to pierce through our hardened hearts is through the word of God which acts like a two edged sword. Nothing else matters but the condition of our hearts in the pursuit of doing what is good. It doesn’t matter what we do, say or think God sees beyond it all and examines the intent underneath it all. No matter how we may fool others into seeing us as we wish to be seen God sees as we truly are naked in his sight with no defences to hide under.

May God help us to deeply internalize that no matter how hard we seek for him we shall never find him if our intent is not first and foremost born out of a pure heart. May we dilligently search for him with a pure
and clean heart that is concerned with nothing but completing his perfect will starting with our intentions and motivations.

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