The Source of life

There is a vast array of options when choosing the defining factor of your identity. The majority of us have spent years  of our lives searching for the true source of joy, love, fulfillment and ultimately satisfaction in all the wrong things. Since our pursuits were dominated by our sin nature it is not a surprise that it has produced nothing but fleeting hope and satisfaction that has robbed us of the life we have always yearned for. A life of meaning that promises an everlasting hope and joy founded upon love.   In our disobedience, rebellion and unbelief we have held on too long to everything that has ultimately diminished the value of our lives. But God in his mercy, Goodness and reckless love has pursued us relentlessly and in him we have the abundance of life. A life of meaning that completely transforms our identity through a new birth. A new birth which triumphs over sin Romans 6:9. In the newness of life we have the ability to choose to live as unto God Romans 6:10 not bound in sin but as free sons and daughters called and chosen to represent the one who has died for our transgressions.

To die is gain

The source of life is Christ Jesus, everything begins and ends in him. Anything that we have lost to pursue him is nothing compared to the glory that we will behold in him Philippians 1:21 . In him we have access to a new life, a life that is founded upon his victory over death therefore in him the old has passed away. As children of God we have been set free from the decay of our old life and we have obtained freedom and the Glory through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior Romans 8:21.  We have him who is life living in us. Man what a joy it is to know and deeply understand that our identity begins in the death of our old nature and the gift of salvation. A new life  which completely wipes out our old nature and we can boldly declare that we are no longer slaves to sin but the sons and daughters of the Most Holy one.

To live is Christ

To completely submit to God means we are dead to our old selves, it completely changes the conception of our identity. To live is to be Christlike, it has nothing to do with us but everything to do with him. If the spirit of him who raised Christ from the dead dwells in us, he who raised Christ from the dead will give life to our mortal bodies also through his spirit that dwells in us Romans 8:11.  Our life begins when we share the same death as Christ. It begins when we admit that all our pursuits were leading to nothing but a bottomless pit of regret and ultimately death which is signified by eternal separation from the father. In christ we are restored back to the father so we begin our lives in the right standing with God through Christ Jesus. We are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus 2 Corinthians 5:21, that revelation is enough to radically transform our perceptions of who we truly are. Life begins when we understand that we belong to the one who is life, the one whom all things came into being.

Abide in Christ Jesus 

To pursue Christ relentless is to understand that without him we are nothing, can do nothing and can amount to nothing. It is a pity that we spend our lives never coming into the abundance of life that Christ has set forth for us. To abide in Christ Jesus is to know him, to know him is to spend time with him, to spend time with him is meditating on his love  from the beginning of time. To abide in Christ is an intentional pursuit founded upon nothing but the revelation that he is the source of life. In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God and the word was God John 1:1. Jesus Christ is the word, the word in which all things came into being, and everything that has come into being through him is life John 1:3. We are not truthful if we say we are christians and yet bear little to no fruit. We can only bear the fruit of life if we abide in his word, his word which he is , his word which is life. May God help us and open our eyes to the greatest reality, that we belong to the one who is life. May he open the eyes to our hearts so we can hold his word to the highest regard, to behold the Glory of his word which is Christ Jesus.  To understand that those that abide in him also have his word which is life breathing in them. The source of life is Jesus Christ, the one who was, who is and is to come. The word which will never perish the word which is timeless and eternal. May God help us to bury our entire being into his word which is ultimately  the source of our lives.

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