All of life is Worship

An idol is whatever you look at and say, in your heart of hearts, “If I have that, then I’ll feel my life has meaning, then I ‘ll know I have value, then I’ll feel significant and secure.” There are many ways to describe that kind of relationship to something, but perhaps the best one is worship – Timothy Keller

Pursuing anything that is good becomes worthless when we turn it into the ultimate thing. An object, an emotion, a career, pleasure,  and experiences become worthless when we turn the pursuit of each into an end in itself by believing that when attained it grants us the ultimate security or satisfaction.The world is full of idols from our culture of self indulgence to our constant need for affirmations, we are bombarded with different avenues in the quest to find meaning and ultimate security for our lives. We were created for the sole purpose of worshiping the Father. Throughout scriptures we see the downfall of man when they sought to replace the worship of God to the worship of self and the worship of what he had created Genesis 3. In order to break away from the seduction of idols it is important to come back to the foundational truth that anytime we seek to find meaning, identity and security in none other but Jesus Christ we become worthless Jeremiah 2:5. When we attach our entire beings to anything other than Jesus christ we fall victim to the deception that we can search outside of him to find meaning and satisfaction.

 To worship God or the creation

All of life is worship, each choice we make is founded upon a truth we either glorify the immortal God or what he has created Romans 1:25 . The Gospel changes our perceptions in that is removes the concept of self from the vocabulary. Anytime Jesus talks about the self, it is within the parameters of practicing self denial Matthew 16:24. To deny ourselves begins when we understand that pursuing anything but Jesus Christ is to fall victim to the lie that identity, security and self worth is found in anything but Christ. It is admitting that the trajectory of our lives is highly depended on what we choose to worship wether consciously or unconsciously. The moment we become children of God we come to understand the cost of being Christlike which is denying our flesh time and time again when it rises up and tries to subject us to the meaningless pursuit of anything that is not rooted in Christ Jesus.

Therefore I urge you, brethren, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies a living and holy sacrifice, acceptable to God, which is your spiritual service of worship. And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect.Romans 12:1-2 

Spiritual service of Worship 

The spiritual service of our worship begins when we submit our entire beings into the hands of God. To submit our wills to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, in doing so we admit that all we are is nothing of not founded upon nothing else but him. It begins when we understand that worship isn’t only an exercise for Sunday services or an emotional experience that moves you to tears. It is a lifestyle of continuously lifting our eyes unto God and declaring with our actions, beliefs and attitudes that he is the ultimate source of our identity, worth and security. Nothing in all his creation can ever amount to the joy, peace, security that can only be found in him our source of life John 1:1-4.

It is important to understand the choices that we make using the lenses of worship. To understand that even in our pursuit of good things for example, marriage, careers , children, achievement etc they will hold little to no meaning when we look to these things to fill a void that only Jesus Christ can fill. A void that was a defining feature of our nature as bearers of the image of God. A void that was created when Adam and Eve were cast away from the presence of God. A void that was filled when Jesus Christ through his crucification reunited us back to the father so we could have the presence of God living in us. Through that union we come to the understanding that all meaning, value and identity is found when we submit to the one who is worthy of all worship.

Only one Worthy of all Worship

Psalms 146:2-4

I will praise the Lord as long as I live, I will sing praises to my God all my life long. Do not put your trust in princes, in mortals, in whom there is no help. When their breaths depart, they return to the earth

The only one worthy of all worship is the one who boldly declares that the heavens and earth shall pass away before his word perishes. His word which is life, his word which is the source of all life. In the midst of all our meaningless and worthless pursuits may we come back to the truth that anytime we attribute all value to something else other than God we forsake our true royalty Jonah 2:8. The one worthy of all worship is one who saves us from worthless idols and recklessly offers himself to us time and time again promising that in him there is the abundance of life. A life worth living a life that will always meet our greatest need because it is founded upon the word that never perishes.

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