Love is Self Giving

Love is self giving in nature. Love embodies the nature of the father because he is Love. As a bride unto Christ we are called to embody the nature of the bridegroom, through first and foremost loving the father with all our hearts, mind, soul and strength  and out of the abundance of the love we have for the father it translates into how we love our selves and those around us Luke 10:27.

C.S Lewis writes “Loving people who have nothing lovable in them is what we are called to do, but then has one self anything lovable about it, You love it simply because it is yourself. God intends us to love all selves in the same way because that is how he loves us not for any nice qualities we think we have but just because we are the things called selves.

To Love God with everything

Life is given to us through Jesus Christ Isaiah 9:6, a life that is founded upon the nature of a self giving father through his love we come into existence when we believe in him. Truth is; apart from God we are nothing but dead corpses Ephesians 2:1. Since we were dead in sin, when we encounter Christ through his salvation,  we come to understand that all we are, all we have and all that we will become is for his Glory. Loving God with everything begins when we understand that he is ultimately our life source. To believe with every inch of our being that everything that we are comes into being through Christ who is the source of every living thing John 1:3.  Jesus Christ is life, the reason to live and the source of all that is life John 1:4.

All my heart, mind, soul and strength

A self giving generation is birthed out of loving the one who was sent to redeem us back to the father. I think we spend a lot of time convincing ourselves that we love God and yet in most cases we completely disregard the most important implication of the greatest commandment. To love God with everything that I am means to place the intimacy with him above everything else. Our greatest challenge as a people, is loving God in truth of all that he is. I think we expect feelings of love to manufacture themselves with little or no effort on our part. We cannot truly love someone that we do not know, nor can we say we know someone if we don’t spend time with him.

Love like I have loved you

Love is self giving in nature John 3:16. Love is manifested when we lay our own self will and live within the will of the father. Each day we give a part of ourselves to him we grow to love him, each time we lay our own will aside for his divine will we learn of his faithfulness. Anytime we choose to seek him above everything else we come to the knowledge that whenever we give ourselves to him in true surrender it is not in vain Isaiah 45:19. To embody love begins when we come into the knowledge of how God has loved us, to spend time with him long enough to understand the extent in which he has gone to offer himself to us Romans 8:35. The commandment to love is a revelation of the heart and nature of the father. It is love that has eternally redeemed us back to the father. It is only love that we can offer back to him, love that is rooted in laying down our self will for his will. Love that equips us to lay down our own lives to love as Christ has loved us.

May the Holy Spirit lead us into the knowledge of the width, breadth and height of the love of Christ Ephesians 3:18 which will overwhelm us enough to seek his face. May his love overwhelm us enough to love him because he is life. A life founded upon the incomprehensible love of the father. A love that is an extension of the unity between the three persons of the trinity, a love rooted in self giving.






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