Overcoming Shame

The power to break free from shame is found in none other but Jesus Christ. Our great light who came and lit his light on us Isaiah 9:2. Our savior who has brought light to our darkness, reveled to us his righteousness and delivered us from an eternal shame induced by the guilt of sin. Shame is a crippling feeling, one that takes our gaze away from our redeemer into ourselves. It shifts our perspective from the one who has forgiven us from all past, present and future sins Hebrews 10:10. Shame is rooted in the deception that we are unworthy, unlovable, unforgivable, therefore we have no right to call unto a Holy name who exposes us of our darkness. The devil is a liar, and a deceiver any feelings of shame are centered on his distortion of truth because he is the father of all lies John 8:44. The cross offers us the greatest security in our process of growth that Christ has died for all sins once and for all and his grace is sufficient to carry us and sustain us as we grow into his likeness 2 Corinthians 12:9.

Remember their sins no more

One of the hardest realities to grasp is the forgiveness of all our sins. Part of our distorted view of forgiveness is the inability to look to God as God not a human being unable to forgive us without remembrance. In Hebrews 8:12 & Isaiah 43:25 God reveals his character in stating that he will be merciful towards our iniquities and  remember our sins no more. The father makes a conscious decision of his will not of our own not to remember our iniquities, our disobedience, rebellion or faithlessness. In his infinite Goodness and mercies he reassures us time and time again that he remembers our sins no more. Who could stand in his Holy Place if he held on to the memory of the countless times we have forsaken him for lesser idols, who could stand in his presence with a clean record. None because we have all sinned and fallen short of his Glory Roman 3:23. How could we ever come into his presence knowing that he remembers all the sins we have committed. The sacrifice of Christ would be in vain because we would always live in shame knowing that we are destined for a life of guilt. But God in his infinite wisdom chooses time and time again to remember our sins no more.

Shield of Christ 

The father through Christ reunites us back to him and through adoption we are his children forever hidden under the shield of Christ and sealed by the promise of the Holy Spirit Ephesians 1:13. To be right with God we have to be clothed with the righteousness of Christ Romans 3:22. Therefore in Christ we have a new identity, a child of God who is righteous as Christ is righteous. To be Forgiven is to live in Christ, the blood of the lamb is the ultimate assurance because Christ has appeared once and for all to remove sin by the sacrifice of himself Hebrews 9:26. In Christ we are clothed in the Righteousness of the Beloved Isaiah 61:10, so we come to the throne of Grace not clothed in shame but boldness because we are forgiven not by works but  salvation through Christ Jesus Roman 3:25. The greatest attack in our growth to Christlikeness, is on our identity. If we are under the law we will live within a cycle of repeated mistakes and defeat because in our flesh we can do nothing. Unlike Adam and Eve who hid themselves from the presence of God after falling, we have the cross of Christ, the blood of Christ our shield of salvation. In Christ we can come to the father in boldness because we do not have to hide anymore. What a gift of salvation, what a gift to know that through faith in Christ we are the righteousness of God Romans 3:22.

Indissoluble love of Christ

When we live in the reality of the promised Holy spirit who establishes us as the sons and daughters of God we come into the understanding that nothing can separate us from the love of the father. Nothing that we have done in the past, present or future to come can ever separate us from the eternal love of the father Romans 8:39.

We  overcome shame when we understand that nothing in all this earth can ever separate us from the love of Christ.

The only reason we fall into the the endless cycles of shame, is  the inability to live in the reality of the unconditional love of the father. As children of God we have access to God with the Holy Spirit living in us. At each waking day when we submit to the  Holy Spirit he magnifies Christ Jesus, and Christ Jesus reveals to us the heart of the father. The endless cycle of shame only exists when we fall victim to the lies of the enemy because we do not have the revelation of forgiveness which only comes to us when the Holy Spirit reveals Christ in us.

May God help us submit and surrender to the Lordship of the Holy Spirit, whom in times when shame seeks to cripple us will remind us of the blood of  Christ. In times when deception knocks at the door of our hearts, we may be empowered to run to the cross, our shield of salvation which will always point us to Christ. Our great light who shines his infinite light into our darkness and shame ceases to exist.


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