A Heart of Gratitude

I am overwhelmed with joy and gratitude for what he has done for me, the life he has given me and for his incomprehensible love. Where would I be without you my Lord, My salvation, my redeemer, my deliverer, my life. The strong hold of my entire being. A heart of gratitude is cultivated when we come to understand that we are nothing without God. We exist simply because he has kept us, chose to sustain us, and relentlessly chased after us.

Even in my rebellion, my disobedience, you have pursued me. You call me your chosen child  in moments where I’ve felt unworthy, unlovable, rejected. You are my deliverer, the rock of my salvation, the one who has taken me from death to life. The one who is worthy of all my worship and praise simply because you have created all the wonders of this world. My Lord where would I be if not for your love. Who would I be if not for the Holy Spirit who has touched me long enough to break my walls down and finally let your light consume the darkness that was my life.

My Savior where would I stand if not for justification and adoption by your Spirit. Your truth that has set me free from condemnation. Your truth is my life, the reason for my being. The truth which reminds me that nothing in all this world could ever separate me from the love of Christ. The lover of my soul, the one who is perfect, the one who is righteous has chosen to call me righteous in the midst of my rebellion and disobedience. You call me your very own, a child and you give me access to who you are even when you foresee that I will simply walk away from you because of my unbelief.

My redeemer, who would I be if not for your forgiveness. You are the rock of my salvation, the one I look to and I am overwhelmed with Joy. You are my security, the one I run to when sin seeks to deceive me into condemnation and isolation. Your blood reminds me that it is finished. Your cross reminds me that all is forgiven. My Lord where would I be if I was under the law, what goodness do I have in me if not you. How could I stand in the sight of the most Holy Holy Holy one with my filthy rags of righteousness if not for your adoption.

The Lord is the Stronghold of my entire existence. The one who has given me the breath of life by his spirit. The one who has formed my inward parts. The one who knows my thoughts even before I think them. To be known and loved by you is enough to Glorify, worship and praise your Holy name. You are everything. Without you I am nothing, can say nothing and can do nothing. A true heart of gratitude always points to the one who is the reason for it all. A heart of gratitude is cultivated when we understand that without Jesus Christ we are nothing, but corpses living life with no sense of meaning, purpose and a hope and joy only found in him who is Love.

In everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. – 1 Thessalonians 5:18



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