Incomprehensible Love of God

“We are more sinful and flawed in ourselves than we ever dared believe, yet at the very same time we are more loved and accepted in Jesus Christ than we ever dared hope” Timothy Keller

The love of my father is the reason for my life, the meaning of my life, the stronghold of my life. I am overwhelmed with his love, utterly convinced that without his love I am nothing. What a gift to speak about unconditional love with the greatest conviction that I am loved and known beyond my understanding.I am loved by the one who is love, therefore his love is perfect, just, merciful, patient, and above all self giving. His love is the standard in which I judge myself. The blueprint for all creation is the incomprehensible love of the father who gives all he is for his creation. What a marvelous gift to know his love intimately, to speak boldly about your past unashamed because the one who is perfect has called you worthy, a child who belongs to him and the reason for his pursuit.

The reason for my life

I am who I am today, because my father has never stopped pursuing me. In the midst of my shame, condemnation, rebellion and disobedience, he has chosen time and time again to give himself to me. To offer his life to me even when I couldn’t see the eternal value of his life, even when I willingly walked away from his gift he has relentlessly knocked at the door of my heart. His spirit is the reason for my life, the reason for my being. The reason I can boldly speak of his love, live in his love, and understand that all that I am and all that I will be hinges on this simple fact;

Nothing in all this world can ever separate us from the Love of Christ Romans 8:35

The meaning of all my life

I’ve spent a great deal of my life searching and trying to create some meaning in my life, to look beyond my mistakes and find something that was worth holding on to. At every turn, I’ve been left with nothing but my own disappointment, and a great deal of shame for what I’d hoped for and what I could never come to embody in my self, a life of substance. A life that would offer me something more than mere pleasure but a sense of hope for what was to come, a life that could satisfy my yearning for something beyond this world. In Christ I’ve found life, an eternal source of living waters of life. An eternal source of life that is adamant on giving me life abundantly. Completely transforming my heart’s disposition and understanding that I do not create meaning for my life, I simply rest in the one who is the source of all meaning. Jesus Christ is the reason to live beyond time and space. A hope of what is to come, an everlasting promise of being united with the one who is love. What a joy, what a gift to be given life that transcends time.

Love is the strong hold of my entire existence

I am nothing without the love of Christ. I do not exist without his love which establishes me, sustains me and keeps me in him. The foundation of all that I am and will be is rooted in the love of the father shown to me through Jesus Christ. I am so overwhelmed with his love. I am convinced that even within our self destructive patterns the father looks to us beaming with his love waiting until we come back to ourselves and recognize that he will never stop offering himself to us. This is for the one who feels unworthy, unreachable, hopeless and unlovable, I am a testament of the incomprehensible love of my father. I stand in my nakedness with the greatest assurance that nothing in all this world can ever separate us from the love of Christ.

What a gift, to speak boldly about his unconditional love for us, what a wonder to stand in his presence with everything that you are knowing that his love for you never ceases to exist. The love of Jesus Christ is like an ocean that consumes anyone who dares to take a leap of faith and encounter the magnitude of his being.


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