Taste and See that the Lord is Good

In my most helpless state with nothing left to give but a frail yes, the Lord beams in joy because truly he delights in a broken and contrite heart. The Lord delights in the man who is able to judge his helplessness in light of the sufficiency of the Grace found in Jesus Christ. Taste and see that the Lord is good in all his ways, who can say or judge his ways and deem them wrong. The Lord speaks highly of the man poor in spirit, the man who recognizes his poor spiritual state, he calls him blessed. He never ceases to extend an invitation to all human kind to taste his goodness to be awakened to his mercies. In his faithfulness he shields is with the assurance that if we take the leap of faith and see him for his goodness we will come to understand why he remains in his right the ultimate Good.

The Ultimate Good

All his ways are governed by his unconditional love. At times we may fail to comprehend his ways but he is Good . That he may open our hearts so we may see his Good in all things. To see his authority his governance as everlasting in all goodness. The Goodness of the Lord rests upon his sovereignty , in holding and sustaining all things in his being, and yet choosing by his will to confine himself within a material existence that came into to being through him. His Goodness is evident in the infinite and incomprehensible love shown to us in Christ Jesus. If our perception of goodness points to anything other than Jesus Christ, we are met by disappointment in each attempt of finding any Good in the created thing.

In Christ

In Christ there is goodness that is rooted in his perfection and beauty. Our hope of ever attributing any good to ourselves. Our hope of glory because in him all things are made Anew . That we may taste and see the eternal promises of the father in Christ Jesus so we may know that indeed our God is good. As constrained and limited in understanding as we are, he is so gracious and kind that he reveals his promises to us. In as much as our hearts, senses cannot perceive his infinite thoughts and ways when we long and yearn for him in desperation he willingly gives himself to us without measure. It is in our total dependency on him that he delights and speaks his promises that when we seek him with our whole hearts then we shall find him. Wow what an awesome God we serve that all he requires is yearning and longing rooted in an understanding that we need him in every aspect of our lives and we are completely lost without him.

Taste and see

What a wonder you are my Lord. If we could grasp even a fraction of your eternal nature, that you may open our hearts to understand and comprehend the promises you’ve bestowed on us in Christ Jesus. May you open our hearts to receive you without measure and unhinged by any limitation on our part so we may know the fullness of your being at work in us. To walk in the revelation of being known by Christ, being loved in Christ and having our entire being in him. To say without a shadow of doubt that I am in Christ, and I am in love and Christ living in him is the hope of glory. That the Lord May open our hearts to perceive his wisdom personified in Christ Jesus. That I may taste and see the goodness of my father who beams with joy when I yearn for him in total dependence. May God help us to know his goodness in all seasons of life. May he help us to spend the days of our lives in complete reverence and adoration of his nature. To taste and see that the Lord is good and in his goodness he delights in complete dependency on him.

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