To Boast in Weakness

My Lord, you know the hearts of all men and nothing is hidden in your sight. Even before a thought is formed you held it in your hands before the foundations of the world . You are the living word active in us the only one who can expose the intent and motivations hidden in our hearts knowingly or unknowingly ( Hebrews 4:12). You graciously hold the word which is light illuminating any wickedness in us and you call us into the abundance of your Grace in Christ Jesus. In times of weakness you shower us with your unending mercies and undeserving grace. What manner of liberty have you given us in your spirit which causes us to live in complete ones with who we are and also in the fullness of who Christ is by the revelation of the Holy Spirit. What a gift it is to be authentic at the feet of the father, our greatest judge whom in his perfect justice has hidden us in his righteousness so we are blameless and Holy in his sight. I can only boast in my weakness when the reality of your Grace in Christ Jesus becomes my greatest reality through the help of the Holy Spirit.

A living word that Exposes you

My Lord, your word is truth illuminating the very depths of my being. You will never despise a broken and contrite heart. In my weakness when all I can offer is a broken heart and contrite heart you deem my sacrifice worthy. At my lowest you’ve declared that I should come to the throne of the Most High God in boldness so I am lifted high in your divine strength. There is no condemnation for anyone who is in you My Lord. My security lies in you; for you alone can inhabit the innumerable insecurities in me and by your spirit you remind me that you alone sustain and give life. In your presence my Lord all insecurities cease to exist. Thé Holy Spirit reveals the heart of the father whom even before the foundations of the world through his steadfast love , Mercy and graciousness adopted us in his family (Ephesians 1:5) What compares to the revelation of what you’ve prepared for your sons. Who can understand your incomprehensible love. It is in the knowledge of your character, your divine wisdom that we ask you to teach us how to honor your word above all else how to hide your word in our hearts so we may never go astray from it .

Identity not based on works

My Lord, your word declares that we are blessed with every spiritual blessing in Christ Jesus (Ephesians 1:3) You have awakened us into your eternal finished work and we’ve done absolutely nothing to earn nor deserve it. We are saved by Grace and not by works. Even our best work rooted in the purest intention apart from your spirit is nothing but filthy rags in your sight. But you my Lord looked beyond every limitation on our part and you established our identity in the one who holds, sustains and brings into being all existence our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ . What manner of love have you shown us my Lord. Who can understand, or even begin to reason with your divine wisdom. Even before you created the world you loved us and chose us in Christ to be Holy and without fault in your eyes (Ephesians 1:4). All through creation you held your divine wisdom in your son who lives, breathes and is at work in us. All we had to do was simply enter into your divine rest and seat in awe of all the work that your hands have accomplished. In your grace you’ve awakened all creation into your divine love, a love that surpasses all reason and logic .

A love that leaves us in awe with no words to contain the magnitude of your nature which transcends all realms of existence

What is Man

What is man that you would establish him in eternity through Christ Jesus. What is man that you’ve elevated him to a higher realm of existence , a reality that is the foundation of all that we can see, even beyond what we can ever envision nor comprehend. Your very word founded our existence, the capacity to think, feel, reason and also the will to choose you or turn away from you. What is man that you regard him worthy to bear your name , to be united with the exact imprint of your Glory. What is man that you’ve chosen him to be united with the one who radiates your glory, expressing your character and sustaining everything by the mighty power of his command (Hebrews 1:3). Such infinite wisdom is too wonderful for me, it’s too high above me I cannot reach it (Psalms 139 :6) and yet in your mercy you’ve given me without measure your Spirit who reveals the wisdom of God Jesus Christ. My lord nothing is hidden in your sight you saw me for who I am in all the depths of my being and you declared it your pleasurable will that I am united in oness with you.

No weakness can ever change what you established even before I took my first breath. I boast in all weakness because I am fearfully and wonderfully made and established through eternity in the everlasting one. My Lord and savior Jesus Christ

What a gift it is to come before you hidden in your righteousness.

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