The heart of the Father

Ephesians 1:6-8

 To the praise  of his glorious grace, which he has freely given us in the One he loves. In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God’s grace that he lavished on us. With all wisdom and understanding,

Self Giving Father 

While we were dead in trespasses the father lavished his glorious grace and freely gave us his son. With no conception of how utterly lost we were without him   he freely lavished his Grace by giving us Jesus Christ. Even before the foundations of the world he knew that we would never come to him so he came for us, redeeming us through his blood and forgiving our sins. When I think about the love of God it is beyond my understanding that even before I came into existence he knew all the limitations that stood against my spirit being one with him and he gave me Christ Jesus to reconcile me back to him. He knew that there would come a time that I would not stand in condemnation, shame or guilt but in the presence of the father I would stand hidden in the righteousness and Holiness of my saviour Jesus Christ. In him I am forgiven, redeemed and righteous.

Justice of God

We tend to forget the Holiness of God and his perfect Judgement. That to be reconciled back to him the penalty and judgement of sin had to be endured by Christ. That he was perfect and without sin therefore, he would stand in our place when facing the judgement of God. He was the only atonement for sin and this was the will of the father and the submission of Christ even before the foundations of the world Brought my spirit back to life. The perfect Justice of God is also his compassion, love, Mercy .

Everything that has unfolded even before the foundations of the world is rooted in the essence of God his Holiness and Love shown to us in his son’s reverent submission to death unto a cross so we may be made one with him through reconciliation

The father has relentless pursued the human heart and he has shown us his exact being in Jesus Christ. In every single moment the father is giving us his son. There is no pride when I realize that salvation has nothing to do with me but the Grace of God lavished on me in Jesus Christ.

Identity is found in God 

In Christ the father is constantly drawing us into His love. In Christ we come to understand the incomprehensible love of God, we come to know God as our father. Our identity begins when our spirit has been made one with the one through whom we were created. In Christ the need to be loved, approved or to impress is completely insignificant in light of the free gift of salvation that the father has bestowed on us through Jesus Christ. What a glorious gift to speak about Unconditional love that is made perfect in itself. To walk knowing that you are redeemed that all my sins have been forgiven. What Glorious gift to praise God not in anticipation of what he will do but in the reality of oneness with him through the blood of Jesus Christ. What a Glorious gift to be one with one who holds and sustains all things. What a Glorious gift to know of love that is not passive but love that gives without measure.

May God help us understand what he has already accomplished in Jesus Christ. May he help us walk in his righteousness knowing that we are forgiven, redeemed and loved unconditionally.






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