What Makes Me Beautiful

I spent most my teen years creating a perception of beauty that only highlighted the best features of myself. For the most part I grew to think of beauty as something that I could gain outside of myself. If I walked into a room and had eyes on me, this would give me validation that… Continue reading What Makes Me Beautiful

Who is Your Master

My uber driver on the weekend spent the entire ride convincing me that he had found the key that opens all doors, he proceeded to inform me that money could open all doors and ultimately you had a choice whether you would allow money to be your teacher or your master. I think most of… Continue reading Who is Your Master

We are All Insecure

We are all insecure. No one really wants to admit this lack of security that we all face. Ultimately, we have to find ways to diminish our insecurities which are mostly driven by our inability to know what lies ahead. It explains our relentless pursuit of everything that is against our purpose in order to… Continue reading We are All Insecure