Defender of My Heart

Defender- UpperRoom The song of my heart You go before I know That You've even gone to win my war.You come back with the head of my enemy You come back and You call it my victory Your love becomes my greatest defense. It leads me from the dry wilderness And all I did was… Continue reading Defender of My Heart

All of life is Worship

Pursuing anything that is good becomes worthless when we turn it into the ultimate thing. An object, an emotion, a career, pleasure,  and experiences become worthless when we turn the pursuit of each into an end in itself by believing that when attained it grants us the ultimate security or satisfaction

The Way, the Truth, the Life

The gospel is the epitome of freedom and liberation, the single drop of the gospel in one’s spirit begins the work of piercing through the layers of spiritual blindness. It exposes our sin nature and also leads us to the one who works best when we recognize that nothing good exists in us, we are… Continue reading The Way, the Truth, the Life

Shame, Shame , Shame

How far will you go to hide some some of your not so perfect moments ,the things done in the dark where no one is watching. We all have those moments when we do something so contrary to what we believe is right but failing to stop rather we choose justification than admitting we were… Continue reading Shame, Shame , Shame

I just want to look spiritual

That's me doing a yoga pose, having no clue what it even means. WHat pictures fail to show is the struggle it takes to capture each moment. I was desperately trying to put one leg over the other failing miserably, but alas the moment was captured. It depicts perfect harmony and peace which was the… Continue reading I just want to look spiritual

The Silver Lining

Everyone says it is better to be hopeful to think that despite your circumstances you still have choices. Everyone says it is better to have hope than despair. To believe in the best always because without the element of hope in one's life, there isn't much of a silver lining in anything. As much as… Continue reading The Silver Lining