Relationship Goals

I just finished watching an eight part series on relationships by Pastor Mike Todd, and it has literally exposed me to the max, some truths are just too hard to accept. The most profound take way I can convey to you is the idea of being under the control of your flesh or your spirit.… Continue reading Relationship Goals

The Struggle for Sexual Purity

As much as I believe with every fiber in me in sexual purity, I'm still very immature when it comes to living a holy and sacrificial life. When Paul writes in Corinthians 6:19-20, he places the greatest emphasis for sexual purity on the fact that our body is the temple of the holy spirit. I… Continue reading The Struggle for Sexual Purity


I get it, you are young and you are in love. You might want to experience sexual liberty by having sex with whoever you choose to have sex with or You want to be a savage like Riri said. I get it but is it worth it nah fam. Our culture is killing us, the… Continue reading SEX

Don’t Settle

The myth that I have found myself believing time and time again is the idea that you can search outside of yourself for someone who can complete you. Another person who fits with you so perfectly that all your previous hurt from past relationships disintergrate when you finally meet this person. I am the last… Continue reading Don’t Settle