Worthy is the Lamb

Let our hearts be filled with the revelation of your worthiness. Let our voice speak boldly about your worthiness. “Worthy and deserving is the Lamb that was sacrificed to receive power and riches and wisdom and might and honor and glory and blessing. Revelation 5:12 In the midst of our greatest disappointments, triumphs and grievances may we… Continue reading Worthy is the Lamb


Our Great Salvation

It is neither intellect, wisdom, charm, language or persuasive speech that brings a fallen man to his knees confessing his need for redemption rather a crucified saviour and resurrected King, our Lord Jesus Christ.  A crucified Saviour draws all flesh unto himself, and the father transfers all those who believe in his name into his… Continue reading Our Great Salvation

It’s not that Deep

A friend of mine shared with me that the 'why' factor which we fail to answer in our lives when we succumb to temptation is the reason we stay in a state of failure when trying to overcome our habits. We fail in letting go of our habits because we let our environments  dictate the… Continue reading It’s not that Deep