Overcoming Shame

The power to break free from shame is found in none other but Jesus Christ. Our great light who came and lit his light on us Isaiah 9:2. Our savior who has brought light to our darkness, reveled to us his righteousness and delivered us from an eternal shame induced by the guilt of sin.… Continue reading Overcoming Shame


Shame, Shame , Shame

How far will you go to hide some some of your not so perfect moments ,the things done in the dark where no one is watching. We all have those moments when we do something so contrary to what we believe is right but failing to stop rather we choose justification than admitting we were… Continue reading Shame, Shame , Shame

It’s not that Deep

A friend of mine shared with me that the 'why' factor which we fail to answer in our lives when we succumb to temptation is the reason we stay in a state of failure when trying to overcome our habits. We fail in letting go of our habits because we let our environments ┬ádictate the… Continue reading It’s not that Deep