Power To Become

I’ve been reading the book of John, I can’t get past the first chapter. The word of God is life, it’s not merely words to be dissected for the sake of study but it is living and active. Every time we avail ourselves in humility to be taught by the Holy Spirit we give consent… Continue reading Power To Become

Don’t Settle

The myth that I have found myself believing time and time again is the idea that you can search outside of yourself for someone who can complete you. Another person who fits with you so perfectly that all your previous hurt from past relationships disintergrate when you finally meet this person. I am the last… Continue reading Don’t Settle

The Silver Lining

Everyone says it is better to be hopeful to think that despite your circumstances you still have choices. Everyone says it is better to have hope than despair. To believe in the best always because without the element of hope in one's life, there isn't much of a silver lining in anything. As much as… Continue reading The Silver Lining