To Boast in Weakness

My Lord, you know the hearts of all men and nothing is hidden in your sight. Even before a thought is formed you held it in your hands before the foundations of the world . You are the living word active in us the only one who can expose the intent and motivations hidden in… Continue reading To Boast in Weakness

Taste and See that the Lord is Good

In my most helpless state with nothing left to give but a frail yes, the Lord beams in joy because truly he delights in a broken and contrite heart. The Lord delights in the man who is able to judge his helplessness in light of the sufficiency of the Grace found in Jesus Christ. Taste… Continue reading Taste and See that the Lord is Good

Our Great Salvation

It is neither intellect, wisdom, charm, language or persuasive speech that brings a fallen man to his knees confessing his need for redemption rather a crucified saviour and resurrected King, our Lord Jesus Christ.  A crucified Saviour draws all flesh unto himself, and the father transfers all those who believe in his name into his… Continue reading Our Great Salvation

Love is Self Giving

Love is self giving in nature. Love embodies the nature of the father because he is Love. As a bride unto Christ we are called to embody the nature of the bridegroom, through first and foremost loving the father with all our hearts, mind, soul and strength  and out of the abundance of the love… Continue reading Love is Self Giving

The Source of life

There is a vast array of options when choosing the defining factor of your identity. The majority of us have spent years  of our lives searching for the true source of joy, love, fulfillment and ultimately satisfaction in all the wrong things. Since our pursuits were dominated by our sin nature it is not a… Continue reading The Source of life

Emptied Vessels

"The Holy Spirit asks for  a yielded vessel, and it is his power that works through the empty yielded vessel" Kathryn Kuhlman I am learning that as christians we have the access to the greatest power in the world, in  whom Christ was born, Christ lived and ultimately resurrected. I've spent the majority of my… Continue reading Emptied Vessels