Deliver me from the Desire to Impress

Even at my best my heart reeks of the innate desire to be approved by man. To my surprise, I am much more subject to this crippling desire in moments where I believe I am In fact immune to it.¬† In his Goodness and mercy my father searches the intent of my action and shows… Continue reading Deliver me from the Desire to Impress

Prayer is fully expressed in Solitude

'Father, not my will but yours be done.' In that position of security I have experienced once again his perfect love, a love that casts out all fear. "The asthma persisted, so that I slept badly each night; my legs, ankles and feet blew up like balloons; and my abdomen grew at an astonishing rate… Continue reading Prayer is fully expressed in Solitude

Shame, Shame , Shame

How far will you go to hide some some of your not so perfect moments ,the things done in the dark where no one is watching. We all have those moments when we do something so contrary to what we believe is right but failing to stop rather we choose justification than admitting we were… Continue reading Shame, Shame , Shame

God is with Me

No greater intimacy with God ¬†than child like dependency where you are totally vulnerable but also trusting that you will be okay. That is the only way I choose to picture a relationship with God. Total submission to the point of making the leap of faith without questioning his goodness. When fear consumes me, my… Continue reading God is with Me

We are All Insecure

We are all insecure. No one really wants to admit this lack of security that we all face. Ultimately, we have to find ways to diminish our insecurities which are mostly driven by our inability to know what lies ahead. It explains our relentless pursuit of everything that is against our purpose in order to… Continue reading We are All Insecure