Love is Self Giving

Love is self giving in nature. Love embodies the nature of the father because he is Love. As a bride unto Christ we are called to embody the nature of the bridegroom, through first and foremost loving the father with all our hearts, mind, soul and strength  and out of the abundance of the love… Continue reading Love is Self Giving


Deliver me from the Desire to Impress

Even at my best my heart reeks of the innate desire to be approved by man. To my surprise, I am much more subject to this crippling desire in moments where I believe I am In fact immune to it.  In his Goodness and mercy my father searches the intent of my action and shows… Continue reading Deliver me from the Desire to Impress

All of life is Worship

Pursuing anything that is good becomes worthless when we turn it into the ultimate thing. An object, an emotion, a career, pleasure,  and experiences become worthless when we turn the pursuit of each into an end in itself by believing that when attained it grants us the ultimate security or satisfaction

Emptied Vessels

"The Holy Spirit asks for  a yielded vessel, and it is his power that works through the empty yielded vessel" Kathryn Kuhlman I am learning that as christians we have the access to the greatest power in the world, in  whom Christ was born, Christ lived and ultimately resurrected. I've spent the majority of my… Continue reading Emptied Vessels

The Way, the Truth, the Life

The gospel is the epitome of freedom and liberation, the single drop of the gospel in one’s spirit begins the work of piercing through the layers of spiritual blindness. It exposes our sin nature and also leads us to the one who works best when we recognize that nothing good exists in us, we are… Continue reading The Way, the Truth, the Life

Prayer is fully expressed in Solitude

'Father, not my will but yours be done.' In that position of security I have experienced once again his perfect love, a love that casts out all fear. "The asthma persisted, so that I slept badly each night; my legs, ankles and feet blew up like balloons; and my abdomen grew at an astonishing rate… Continue reading Prayer is fully expressed in Solitude

One Lost Sheep

"For What Am I to myself without you but a guide to my own downfall" (Confessions of Saint Augustine). No sheep was created to lead it's own life but rather to submit into the hand of the shepherd. The Shepherd could not only see past their present circumstance but also willing to lay down his life… Continue reading One Lost Sheep